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An Introduction to Trigan

#Our Mission

Dream of a better future.


The Urban Blockchain

Trigan’s unique blockchain technology enables a fair, transparent, and decentralised new economy for the benefit of everyone, everywhere.

Urban Communities

The smart city operating system for real-world communities, improving quality of life in towns and cities on Earth.

Digital Twinning

A revolutionary local community-centric approach to medicine, workplace, education and social interaction.

City Infrastructure

Positive, fair solutions to poverty, corruption, inequality and deprivation using science and AI.

Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income, providing a guaranteed income for all community members, promoting financial stability and reducing poverty.

Decentralised Governance

Decentralised governance, giving power back to the community and promoting transparency and fairness in decision-making.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Prioritising environmental sustainability, providing solutions that promote a cleaner and greener future for cities.

Opportunity for All

Designed to provide equal opportunities for success, regardless of background or socioeconomic status.

Real-World Impact

Designed to tackle real-world issues and make a meaningful impact on urban communities, improving the quality of life for all.


Unlocking the Potential

of places, everywhere


AI Assisted Communities

Ecological Safeguards

Unified loT Data Layer

The First Urban Blockchain

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